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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2004 by Bill McCormack Jr.

I’m One Of A Kind

A song about a person’s uniqueness and a strong self-identity

No one’s like me
If you were, you’d see
Everyone all dressed in green

It would be wild
Everyone going bald
Now you see what I mean

What a sight to see
Everyone old like me
No boys and girls like you

So don’t be sad
Just be glad
You’re not me and I’m not you


I’m one of a kind
And I don’t mind
Standing alone

I’m one of a kind
And I feel fine
Being on my own

I’m one of a kind
And I find
You’re one of a kind, too

We’re all one of a kind
And all of the time
I’m one with you

Our birthplace
The look of our face
Is how we come into this world

Behavior is what we’re about
It’s what we do and say that counts
And actions speak louder than words

I need to stand alone
Define myself on my own
And not just follow the crowd

I create my self-identity
Values, goals and plans for me
So I can feel strong and proud


I’m one of the team
And that means
Sometimes I compromise

I sacrifice myself
For everybody else
I stand taller in their eyes

I’m one of a kind
And one of a team
All at the same time

I stand on my own
I stand with you as one
That life’s rhythm and rhyme

Chorus (twice)