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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2006 by Bill McCormack Jr.

The Kids’ Anthem
(I Love You, Mom; I Love You, Dad)

A song about children’s expectations of parents


I love you, Mom
I love you, Dad
You’re the only parents
I’ll ever have

So please hold me
And I’ll hold you
Please love me
Like I love you

You’re my role models
I see everyday
So please help me
Learn the right way

Please don’t smoke
Watch what you drink
Don’t drive fast
That’s what I think

Care for yourself
Work out like me
I want us
To be healthy


Just pitch to me
In the backyard
Play hide and seek
Til it gets dark

Let’s fly a kite
Or climb a tree
Please just laugh
And play with me

I love when you hug
I love when you kiss
I want to see you
Do more of this


Like mother like daughter
Like father like son
When we grow up
We’ll be like Dad and Mom

So parents remember
Your job number one
Love your daughters
Love your sons

Chorus slower