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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2010 by Bill McCormack Jr.

You’re Never Too Old To Dream

A song about goal directed behavior

I’m a six year old boy in an old body
My dreams have guided me
They give me vision, drive my decisions
Til I’m the best I can be

I take a fantasy, something good to me
Make it a dream I can see
I set out a goal, let the plans unfold
Then I make it reality


You’re never too old to dream
There’s a six year old kid in you
You’re never too old to dream
Make your dreams come true (2x)

A dream can be small, no problem at all
Make a birthday cake for Dad
Read the recipe, mix in love from me
Lots of candles cause he’s old

I will try to write for next Talent Night
A very beautiful song
It will have a ring, and be fun to sing
So we can all sing along


As we grow older, our dreams grow bolder
We work on them one by one
If we do our best, our life is a list
Of all the dreams we have done

So keep your dreams alive and you always strive
To make them all come true
You listen to your heart, right from the start
Your dreams will take care of you


Although I am old and I’m surely bald
I’m a kid just like you
For me to write these songs, have you sing along
Is my biggest dream come true