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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2006 by Bill McCormack Jr.


A song about sharing and teamwork/consequences of behavior

I’ll give you my hand
You give me yours
Helping each other
We can do more

United we stand
Divided we fall
Helping one of us
Helps us all


Zoom, zoom, zoom around the room
Zoom, zoom, zoom around the room
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoooooooooooooooooooooooom
Zoom, zoom, zoom around the room

It’s about me
It’s about you
It’s about us
What we do

What you do
Touches me
What I do
Touches you                                

Chorus                           I love the energy
                                      That comes from you and me 
                                      We have lots of fun
                                      When zooming makes us one

So hold on tight
Don’t let go
Send your Zooms
Watch them flow

We’re all connected
All of the time
I’ll hold your hand
You hold mine

Chorus twice