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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2005 by Bill McCormack Jr.

Dungeon Of Doom

A song about personal responsibility to take charge of situations

I call it the Dungeon of Doom
It’s my messy, messy room
Things get lost in here

Clothes and shoes are everywhere
I can’t find clean underwear
It’s a jungle in here

No matter where I look
I can’t find my school books
I can’t even find the door

But God was good to me
He created gravity
I can always find the floor


It’s my Dungeon of Doom
My messy, messy room
It’s a scary place to be

It’s my Dungeon of Doom
My messy, messy room
Hey, this place scares me

Dad came up to my room
“Clean up this dungeon of doom
And what’s that awful smell?”

Have some pride in yourself
You take charge of your life
And do everything well

Chorus                                         New Chorus

I put all my toys away                   It was my Dungeon of Doom
I’m always ready to play               My messy, messy room
Now my room looks great            Now it’s clean as can be

I had a lesson to learn                   It was my Dungeon of Doom
The easiest mess to clean              My messy, messy room
Is the one I don’t create                Now I’m really proud of me