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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2009 by Bill McCormack Jr.


A reading about “What is Love?”

Love is my Mom and Dad bringing me into this world

Love is a safe place to live in and a warm bed to sleep in

Love is all the smiling faces I see each day

Love is working hard on my homework because I am important

Love is giving half my sandwich to my friend who forgot to bring lunch to school

Love is dogs and cats and other furry critters

Love gives me strength to deal with some people I might not like

Love takes time to grow

Love accepts the fact that I make mistakes sometimes

Love wants everyone to be happy and get along

Love is easy to say and sometimes hard to do

Love helps me grow up

Love makes the future not so scary

Love drives me nuts when my little brother keeps tugging on my arm asking for more of my candy, so I give him some

Love sees the good in others and nurtures it

Love is asking my Dad if I can help him wash the car and asking Mom if I can help her wash the clothes

Love confuses me sometimes when I think about adults having enemies

Love is a really good feeling all of the time

Love demands a lot of me

Love looks in the mirror and sees someone good

Love is a feeling, a thought, and an action

Love must get lost once in a while because sometimes I can’t find it when I need it

Love greets the day with open arms

Love is running hard and fast and far

Love feels sad for old toys that are worn out and broken

Love tells someone that they did a good job

Love sees each one of us as unique and someone to get to know

Love wants to help people with their lives

Love tells Grandma she still looks pretty even though she’s getting old

Love still laughs at Granddad’s stories even though I’ve heard them lots of times

Love looks back at the day to make sure I did some good things

Love is having good friends I can talk to

Love is my baby sister kissing me when she has chocolate on her lips

Love is all the adults in my life who look out for my well being

Love cries when someone close dies

Love is making me the best person I can be

Love sees that not all kids have a good life and tries to help them

Love is always

Love never dies

Love looks at all the people on this earth and sees all the differences, but understands that each one of us really wants the same thing, to be happy. Love finds a place in our heart for each person and wants to be friends. Love sees loneliness as our worst disease and as our greatest enemy and seeks to heal.

Love believes, “There’s no good reason why anyone should be alone.”

Love is