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Song Lyrics

Copyright 2004 by Bill McCormack Jr.

Love, Energy and Time (The LET Rule)

A song about a good formula for success in life

I open up my window
And gaze into the blue
My future’s out there somewhere
I wonder what I will do

I’m just a kid in grade school
I’m working hard to learn
My teachers really help me
But can I do it alone

My mom says not to worry
Just use the LET Rule
Love, Energy and Time
Will make all my dreams come true


Love, Energy and Time
Love, Energy and Time
Love, Energy and Time
Love, Energy and Time
Love, Energy and Time

I might become a doctor
And help kids to get well
Or work as a contractor 
To put up new shopping malls

Should I be a school teacher
And work with kids like me
So many jobs to choose from
I wonder what I will be

I hope I can get married
And have my own children
I hope I’m a good parent
But I won’t know until then

Chorus                                                             Ending

                                                                               Love, Energy and Time
It’s time to close my window                                    Make your dreams come true
I know what I will do                                               Love with all your heart
I’ll follow my Mom’s LET Rule                                Give with all your might
I will make my dreams come true                             All the day and night
                               That’s all you have to do
Chorus                                                                    You will make your dreams come true